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Residential Moving Montreal: Your Trusted Moving Company

Residential Moving Services in Montreal, South Shore, and North Shore.

Are you searching for a dependable and affordable residential moving company in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore or South Shore?

Primo Movers Montreal is a moving company based in Montreal that offers exceptional moving services at competitive prices without any concealed charges.

Our skilled Montreal home movers handle your possessions with great care, ensuring that all your furniture, appliances, and delicate items are packed safely while protecting your floors. In addition to providing excellent service, our team is respectful and enjoyable to work with.

No matter the size or distance of your move—from local moving in Montreal to long-distance moves, small-scale moves to large-scale household moves requiring multiple trucks and teams—we guarantee your satisfaction with our services.

For particularly large moves, we can provide 20-foot for local or long-distance transportation and even truck cranes for lifting extra-heavy items.

In order to help make your move as stress-free and worry-free as possible, we’ll offer guidance on how best to prepare for it.

Trust the Moving Experts to Handle Your Home Moving from Start to Finish!

Primo Movers presents a comprehensive and top-rated residential moving solution, encompassing everything from a complimentary quote to dedicated after-sales support. Our pricing options include fixed fees as well as hourly rates.

Yet, you can play a role in making your moving quicker, more effective, meticulous, and ultimately more affordable. After contributing in this manner, you’ll surely view our prices as the most competitive residential moving rates in Montreal and surrounding areas.

With that in mind, we invite you to explore our suggestions on how to benefit from an economical home moving service.

Here are a few helpful hints for you:

Disassemble your furniture in advance and reassemble it after relocating;
Handle the packing process yourselves;
Transport smaller items like boxes, suitcases, plastic bags, and bicycles downstairs or directly to your new residence – sometimes these tasks take even longer than moving bulky appliances or furniture;
Clear away any snow in front of your property.

Moving to Montreal – Residential Moving Tips and Steps:

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Step 1:

Research and gather details about reputable moving companies in Montreal, such as those in Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, or South Shore. Don’t forget to consider feedback, reviews, comments, employee count, daily truck usage, company seniority, mover experience, and referrals from friends, family, or past customers.

Step 2:

Communicate with the moving company to provide necessary information like moving dates, pickup and destination addresses, additional stops, items to be moved, floor numbers, heavy and fragile items specifics, truck-to-door distance, parking spot availability for the moving truck, preferred payment methods, and contract signing details. Be sure to ask about storage conditions, CTQ permits from the moving company, moving insurance proof, mover numbers involved in the process, packing materials used, and more.

Step 3

Book the elevator for your move.

Step 4

Organize your belongings with stickers to ensure they reach their respective places properly at the new location or during storage.

Step 5

Empty your fridge, freezer and drawers as much as possible while also making way for easy access to appliances since these are moved first.

Step 6

Offer guidance to movers on organizing your items in the truck if there is an additional stop required or if you have specific preferences on item placement. But don’t worry – our moving experts will be present to provide immediate support and make your move as smooth as possible.

Top-notch Montreal Moving Services

We acknowledge that everyone’s moving requirements differ. At Primo Movers, we don’t just offer expert moving services, but also handle your packing and unpacking necessities. Our efficient packing assistance ensures you’re prepared when moving day arrives. Plus, our familiarity with various storage facilities enables us to present multiple storage solutions at the most competitive rates.

Regardless if you’re settling into a new residence or workspace, we consider you a member of our Primo Movers family. Be it an extensive office relocation or a cozy studio apartment move, our movers have experienced it all!

Discover Why Primo Movers is Montreal’s Top Moving Company Montreal’s Finest Movers

As the premier moving company in Montreal, our highly-rated team takes pride in being recognized as the city’s best movers. Simplify your move to or from Montreal by entrusting it to our top-notch experts in Montreal, Quebec.

Each move is unique and customized in pricing based on its specific details. We ensure that you’re aware of every expense beforehand and that all charges are transparent. Our customer service team is always available to address any questions you might have. Say goodbye to hidden fees.

Founded right here in Montreal, Primo Movers has an unparalleled understanding of the city. Our skilled team of Montreal movers can tackle local or long-distance moves with ease.

Regardless if you’re settling into a new residence or workspace, we consider you a member of our Primo Movers family. Be it an extensive office relocation or a cozy studio apartment move, our movers have experienced it all!

Are you curious about our moving services and want to know more about the options we offer?

We’re always here to help. Please feel free to contact us through any of our social media channels or by calling +1 (514) 500-9863. We’re eager to hear from you and assist you with your moving needs.

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